I was born and raised in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. In kindergarten, I was named student of the year. This is probably because I’m an excellent napper (and still am). In 2006 I earned a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute and was recognized as “New Talent” from Graphis Magazine.

In the decade-plus, since I’ve worked on the creative and account sides of the table, with agencies both big and small. I’ve done work with dozens of top US and global brands, including UPS, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, and Shaw Contract. I’ve also won a few awards along the way. Creatively I like to leverage the most current technology, along with client and industry-specific research, to develop designs and strategies that are relevant, effective, and compelling.


I’ve been known to eat at least a half dozen in one sitting. I love doughnuts almost as much as design. I’m always sure to taste my way around my travels by eating doughnuts wherever I go. I have my favorites, but you can never go wrong with a dozen hot Krispy Kremes. And a paper hat. Paper hats make everything better.


The tyrannosaurus rex is my favorite. Mainly because even though it has little arms, it doesn’t take any lip from the other dinosaurs. I’ve never cared for dresses and as a child was more often found playing with my brother’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


I like alliteration, Gray's Papaya hotdogs, Burberry bags and climbing mountains. I live on the westside with my husband Ryan and our Miniature Australian Shepherd Twister.